About Me

Dance Yourself Happy, I DID!

It is my goal to help people live healthier lives. Dance brings you to a place of joy and freedom. Dance fitness can take you there too. Laugh and get moving with me. It's just a little sweaty fun.

I am 46 years old and I started taking Zumba classes at 39 as a transition from physical therapy. Exercise only works if you do it and I fell in love with Zumba's exercise in disguise and it helped me lose 40 pounds, which helped to control my chronic pain. 

I have a progressive musculoskeletal disorder that I am fighting daily. I won't let a diagnosis define me, but I have to move safely, so that I can continue to dance and teach dance fitness. 

I added Zumba Specialties to my schedule because the same workout over and over, stops challenging the body. Try Zumba Toning, Sentao & Step, change is good for you and super fun.  

Bokwa is my favorite format and that is why I am a Bokwa Ambassador, but I still teach several Zumba formats and Punch & Strike to help you find your best you. 

I hope to dance with you soon!

Planet Fitness, Hendersonville is where I go to workout. It's only $10 a month for basic or $19 for the Black Card and worth every penny. Dance fitness isn't enough, be sure to get your booty to the gym to lift some weights and you might as well get a massage while you're there. Self care makes you a better you. 

Many ask if I take any supplements or do any of those fad diet things. I do not fast, wrap, cleanse, or try to zap my fat away. I eat in moderation, I avoid fried foods, sugary drinks, dairy, artificial sweeteners and I don't eat beef or pork because I can't digest it (part of my condition), shellfish (allergy) stevia and red wine (migraines).

Because I limit my diet for several reasons, I do take a supplement. I have been using Thrive by Le-vel for over a year. I do not take the vitamin capsules because of my shellfish allergy, but the shakes and DFT are amazing and fill my nutritional gaps. 

Check out the many products they have to offer. https://wildflower25.le-vel.com/