Dance yourself happy!

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Zumba on Thursdays at 6:30

Dance with Amaryllis at 

Buckeye Cove Community Center 

527 Buckeye Cove Rd. Swannanoa 

$7 Cash Drop in 

YouTube Classes Recorded at 

21 Acony Bell Way #18, Mills River

Acony Bell Tiny House Village

Community Zumba 

Gold/Toning classes at 

1pm Sat or Sun 

based on weather.

Friday Fitness in Da Club and Bokwa Ambassador Master Class info

I am Christine, North Carolina's Bokwa Ambassador!

Bokwa Ambassador life is crazy fun. 

Try something new and experience Bokwa with the best!

 I am a former Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer 

a.k.a. Bokwa BEST.

Invite me to your location and present with me!

Bokwa Ambassador Master Classes are challenging fitness events with different formats and a fabulous team of instructors. 

Join the Friday Fitness in Da Club instructor team at Scandals Nightclub for 3 hour dance fitness events. 

The next event is June 7th 7pm-10pm at Scandals Nightclub

11 Grove St. Downtown Asheville

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Quarter Length Classes Online

Enjoy our mini-classes on YouTube if you can't get to a live class. If we can dance in the tiny house, surely you can dance with us from your living room. 

Check out this amazing Bokwa Bash video!

Want to try it? Book your Bokwa Ambassador Master Class today!