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My name is Christine.

  • Dance Zumba Toning classes at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Downtown Asheville 
  • Location info: Above Loretta's Cafe, enter from 114 N. LEXINGTON AVENUE up two flights of stairs. This space has wood floors and mirrors.
  • $7 on-site or prepay online to join the party faster.
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I am Amaryllis.

  • Dance Zumba classes at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays downtown Asheville 
  • Location info: Currenty team teaching in Asheville with Christine
  • $7 on-site or prepay online to join the party faster.
  • No contracts. Buy now button below. 

Not just mom and daughter, CCF is Mom, mom, daughter and daughter and many instructor friends.

A Little CCF History

Christine's Cardio Fitness first opened in July of 2011, in Downtown Asheville, as the first exclusively Zumba studio in Asheville. Christine and her family, Nina, Amaryllis and Julia taught Zumba classes morning, afternoon and evening six days a week, with the help of 25 of the best Zumba instructors in the area. Together they presented over 4,000 Zumba classes and helped develop dozens of quality instructors. Christine and many of her instructors were part of the team that coordinated and instructed Zumba In Da Club at Scandals Nightclub and with the help of their talented photographer R. Michael Reid, CCF became a home-base for Zumba in Asheville, capturing the attention of Zumba Home Office. After a surprise visit from the director of the Zumba Instructor Network, Rahel Ben-Cnaan, and an invitation for Christine's family of four ZIN to visit Zumba home office in Florida, Christine took the advice of Zumba corporate and added another brand of fitness to CCF.

Considering the needs of CCF students, Christine chose to introduce Bokwa as a new format. Bokwa Fitness opened doors to Christine that she could not resist and she enjoyed the opportunity to work as a Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer in 2015. As Christine, Bokwa BEST and Nina, Bokwa Trainer traveled on weekends for Bokwa, the decision was made to close CCF in Asheville. 

Amaryllis began teaching Zumba at Buckeye Cove Community Center in 2016 and Christine continued her passion as a Bokwa Ambassador. 

Finally, after a long break from tag team Zumba Toning, Christine and Nina have returned to downtown Asheville to revive their most popular Specialty Zumba format, as Amaryllis continues her successful Zumba format in Swannanoa. Enjoy Zumba brand classes at either location.

Christine and Amaryllis are licensed and certified instructors who are masters in their craft. Give their classes a try for a fun, safe and effective workout. 

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