I am Christine!

Dance yourself happy!


     It is my goal to help people live healthier lives. Dance fitness made my life better. I have lost weight, relieved my chronic pain, controlled my migraines and reduced my blood pressure. Exercise only works if you do it and I fell in love with dance fitness. Get on the path to restore your youth and health and do something for you! I can help you change your life too.      

     Healthy eating habits are key to having a fit body. We encourage you to join our online community to keep you motivated and plugged in with your fitness buddies. Check the group for life tips, food tips, and random fun facts for a giggle or two.

    You deserve to live an enjoyable, healthy life and you don't have to deprive yourself to meet your fitness goals. Let's enjoy the journey together.  

What is a Bokwa Ambassador?

I am a former Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer

My mission as an Ambassador is to share Bokwa until it reaches every corner of the globe. 

Challenging two hour Master Classes

I partner with other fitness format instructors to help stretch everyone beyond their comfort zone. 

Host me or partner with me

I am happy to bring Bokwa to your facility for a Bokwa Ambassador Master Class. I offer an even split with presenting instructors. Email me today to book your event!

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